25th Annual
Multicultural Festival



 ** Contacts & Ways To Help! **

Have you considered helping with the 2013 festival?  There is a place for everyone - for those who are creative, and those who aren't, for those who like the limelight, and those who like the shadows, for those who can plan, and those who just do.

All proceeds of the festival go to pay off the debt of Sacred Heart Catholic Church and allow us to add facilities and programs.

*** Festival Planning Meetings! ***

Planning meetings occur at 7 P.M. every Tuesday night from mid-March until the Festival in Sacred Heart's Margil Center. Come learn more about getting involved and what it takes for our community to host this wonderful event for our city.

Booth / Event
Festival Co-Chair

Contact Greg & Marleyna Dinan at 936-553-0227 or greg.dinan@gmail.com

Children's Games & Game Prize Booth
We sure could use a chairperson for 2013!
Confetti Eggs

Blue Knights Boys Club

Decorations / Signs
Contact Msrg. Young
Entertainment & Publicity

For your act to be scheduled,

call Danny Capacete at 936-569-3312

Face Painting
Little Flowers Girls Club
Food Booths

Parishioners, please submit a Parishioner Booth Checklist with your supply needs as soon as possible! (Deadline is April 12th.)

Outside vendors please submit your Vendor Application by April 19th.

All applications should be submitted to Pam Hightower (936-554-8303).

Heavenly Creams
Ladies Guild
Call Mary Mocniak at 936-569-6690
or email Mary.
Parade of Nations & Flags
Call Emma Arayata at 936-560-5995 (h)
or 936-371-9118 (c).
Plant Booth

Please call the Parish Office  936-564-7807.
Please donate one large plant - either home grown or store bought. Please include the name of the plant and if it needs sun or shade.  We also need a few workers!

Puppet Show
We need a Chairperson for this fun event!
Raffle Tickets
Call Molly Beall or 
contact Joy Fuller at 936-462-0005
or email Joy

Click here for more info!
Silent Auction
Contact Jackie Cates
Please bring auction items to the church and mark them for the Silent Auction. If items are too large, call the office for pick up.
Spanish Community
We need a Chairperson for this!
T-Shirts, Caps, & Misc.
We need a Chairperson for this!
Yum! Yum! Booth
Call Mary McCarley at 903-822-4159 (local to Nac.)
Please bring baked goods to the booth!
(cakes, cookies, breads, etc.)


Do you have some info about this year's festival that you'd like added to the website?
Email Us!
More info about the festival coming soon!
 Page last updated on March 6, 2013.